Brothers (2008)

B e r n d   W a c h t m e i s t e r was born in 1964 in Leverkusen, Germany. From 1986 through to 1991, he studied Visual Communication at FH Cologne (FB Design) with excellent diploma thesis. In 1989 he successfully participated in two design competitions and received contest awardee of `Telegrammwettbewerb´ / German Telekom (Bonn) and prize in a poster competition of `Foerdergemeinschaft Gutes Licht´ (Darmstadt). Since 2000 he has created and presented selected portfolios, and has sold individual fine art graphic works, and participated in different solo and assembly exhibitions. In 2005 he founded two associations within the scope of art and culture, participated in numerous online exhibitions, being featured in different web art galleries. In 2009 he attained admission to the Cornércard Art Collection, and in 2010 gain admission to AG Leverkusener Kuenstler.